Our Products

Custom Control Panel

  • ICO has a UL 508A panel shop specializing in high quality custom control panels either as a quantity one or in multiples.
  • ICO also carries the UL 698A rating which pertains to hazardous location panels. 
  • ICO is very comfortable with a design-build arrangement where we develop the customers ideas into an electrical design that meets their needs. In this scenario we can produce a set of schematics, design the control panel, build, wire, and functional test the panel before delivery.
  • ICO can also use a customer’s design, materials, and drawings to produce a control panel.  In this case, we would just perform the construction and wiring of the panel to the customer’s specifications.

UL-508 Registered

System Integration

  • ICO can work with a customer to integrate various types of equipment and machinery into a production or test system.
  • ICO can do the necessary research, listen to the needs of the customer, work with mechanical contractors and machine builders, and produce an electrical control system capable of controlling this new or existing mechanical assembly as a single system.
  • ICO is familiar with various control system platforms and can tailor the system to the customers standards and what is best suited for the application.
  • ICO can also incorporate data collection into a control system. This is increasingly more advantageous because it allows manufacturing plants to understand where there are areas that need improvement. Data collection can also be used as justification for new equipment or the refurbishment of existing equipment.

UL-602 Registered

Fiber Optics

  • ICO can design and install new fiber optic infrastructure projects in industrial and manufacturing environments.
  • ICO can troubleshoot, test, repair, and upgrade existing fiber systems.
  • ICO utilizes the best materials and techniques to produce a quality fiber installation which will perform and meet the needs of the customer.
  • ICO uses fusion splicing to reduce unnecessary loss in the system when possible.
  • ICO is certified and experienced designing and installing Sumitomo air-blown-fiber systems. This allows for making the installation future proof. The architecture of the system makes the second, third, and fourth (and so on) projects utilizing the system, cost pennies on the dollar for installation.

Custom Engineering

Arc Flash and Power Studies

  • ICO can perform an arc flash study on the panels in a manufacturing plant for the purpose of marking the panels with the appropriate PPE required for entry into those panels. This process allows manufacturing plants to become and remain compliant with current OSHA and NEC regulations.
  • ICO can perform power studies on industrial electrical systems to determine what the overall load on the electrical system. This information can be helpful to project planners and maintenance personnel when buying new equipment or planning for future expansion.

Standard Equipment

Retrofits and Upgrades

  • ICO can work with a customer to upgrade the electrical system on a single piece of equipment or an entire production line in a manufacturing plant.
  • ICO can employ the most current technologies to increase efficiencies, reduce downtime, and make systems easier to maintain by the maintenance personnel.
  • ICO can research a piece of equipment or system and produce a set of electrical drawings in a case where there are no existing drawings.